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Hi Everybody, I sure hope all of you are doing great as this summer of 2012 heats up in Texas and around the country.

The newest release from Red Dawg Music is an acoustic duo recording by Marvin Dykhuis and Myself. Marvin and I do a lot of shows in this format and people would always come to the CD sales table and ask for the recording that sounded like we did tonight. The answer was always "well none of them exactly". So we decided it was time to make that happen. We recorded this CD "Two Guys Two Guitars" to accomplish this. The recording was done pretty close to live in the studio. We tried to make it sound like we were in your living room playing for you. Just two guys and two guitars. We finished the project and made it available just in time for our show on June 8th at The Kerrville Folk Festival. The local Austin, TX release was on July 1st, 2012. We are touring around this summer promoting the new project. Look for us around Texas as well as Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, etc. Dates will be posted under schedule on this site. 

All the songs on this project were written or co-written by Myself or Marvin with the exception of the closing song. We decided that we should close out this project with a song by our old friend, Champ Hood of Uncle Walts Band fame. Some of the other co-writers on this project include Chris Wall, Tish Hinajosa, Gary Primich, and my old Kentucky friend Penn Harris. 

I hope you enjoy this recording and I hope to see you somewhere along the road this year.

Stay cool summer and above all, have a great time.

Thanks for your musical support,


Happy Summer to all of you out there! July Blog from Red Dawg Music. Music and more from Red Dawg Music.

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